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Flower Trials '13, 11 - 14 June

Together with partner breeders and growers we find the best varieties for the chain.

Beekenkamp is a specialist and breeder of amongst others begonia, dahlia,
chrysanthemum, cyclamen and poinsettia. And specialist in Platycodon, primulas and begonias from seed. Beekenkamp has been a successful producer of vegetable crops, chrysanthemums, pot plants and garden plants for no less than 60 years. During the FlowerTrials®, we proudly present a wide assortment of flowering pot plants, bedding plants and patio plants.

This year, special attention will be given to begonias for indoor and outdoor use in different forms of products. We have also added new plants and concepts to the ‘Home and Garden’ plants collection. As usual you may also expect us to show you the latest developments within our field of expertise this year.

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Begonia Waterfall Encanto Falls Red
Begonia Waterfall Encanto Falls Red is the red sibling of Encanto Falls Orange. The red variety also has large single flowers and continues to bloom all summer until the first night frost.

With its red flowers, Encanto Falls Red cuts a dashing figure! As soon as they have faded, the blooms drop off the plant all by themselves. Therefore, without any deadheading the plant continues to look pretty all season.

This type of begonia is suitable for planting in hanging baskets or large pots and easy to combine with other trailing plants. Encanto Falls Red adds a lot of colour to the garden table or the patio. This profuse flowering Begonia provides consumers with enjoyment all summer long! No wonder, it ended up high in the 2012top 10 of best plants in the Emsflower show garden.

Begonia Waterfall Angel Falls Soft Pink
Begonia Waterfall Angel Falls Soft Pink develops blooms in a soft shade of pink. Blooms that resemble apple blossom! Angel Falls continues to flower all summer until the first night frost! The plant has a nice full growth habit and is very floriferous.

Begonia Angel Falls Soft Pink is a trailing garden begonia, very suitable for hanging baskets and large pots. Its large, soft pink flowers do have a distinct romantic look and fit in well with the current trend that uses lots of pastel shades. Angel Falls branches very well with profusely flowering elegantly trailing stems. As soon as there is no more danger of night frosts, Angel Falls is allowed outside, where it will continue to flower until late October (up to the first frost). As soon as they have faded, the blooms drop off the plant all by themselves. Therefore, the plant continues to look pretty all season without any deadheading.

Begonia Glory Lemon
Begonia Glory is a colourful houseplant, which is available in three different shades: Pink, White and Lemon. In Southern Europe, this plant is also used as an outdoor plant. After the successful introduction of Pink and White, the range has been extended with Glory Lemon.

The Begonia Glory series is available all year round and makes a splendid presentation when for example combined with beautiful colourful or trendy ornamental pots. Note that Glory plants that are ‘grown cold’ do perform better in the garden and are more weather proof as compared to the ones grown in a heated greenhouse. Please, ask us about the cultivation possibilities.

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