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Home and Garden Label

Promotion aimed at the consumer

In close cooperation with groups of growers, Beekenkamp Plants develops promotion programmes for its major products and novelties. These activities are primarily aimed at creating added value for the consumer. For other product groups, Beekenkamp offers support to growers in their promotional activities. One of our initiatives is Home and Garden plant Collection.


Home and Garden-plant Collection

Home and Garden-plant collection consists of decorative plants and hobby  vegetable, carefully grown by nurseries that are passionate about what they do.  The plant collection is very decorative and fully fits in with today’s Home and Garden style. Quirky trendy tips are provided via the internet and via labels. The collection is priced attractively and is available at florists and garden centres. The promotion to the consumer is in close cooperation with a leading and innovative editor Sanoma. Owner of the brand: Home and Garden.


The Home and Garden-plant Collection is:

• grown with care and passion      
• a colourful creation providing long lasting pleasure

• provided with handy ideas & tips                                   
• attractively priced

• decorative in home, garden and on the patio               
• Promotion at consumer level


For Growers:

> Increase Plant Sales

> Image work for plants

> High quality

> High brand recognition

> Secure sales

> Up-to-date trend research

> Support of the brand “Home and Garden”

> POS packages eg. labels, posters, banners and presentations 


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