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Beekenkamp Plants - Ornamentals is breeder and propagator of home and garden plants. The company is market leader in begonia elatior and cyclamen and leading supplier of dahlia, platycodon, impatiens NG and gerbera.
Worldwide, Beekenkamp Plants - Ornamentals realises sales of around 350 million plants per year and stands out through high quality, a very wide supply of crops and a high level of technical breeding expertise.

FlowerTrials 2017, 13 - 16 June

LaBella Dahlia
Ready for a colourful Dahlia overdose? We are! This year we present our Dahlia LaBella® series! An extensive line for all pot sizes (Piccolo, Medio, Grande, Maggiore) and in countless colours and to top it all off: FUN colours (bicolours)!

Begonia are absolutely trendy! End consumers love the cheerful colors and the natural look. Beekenkamp's focus is on the producer as well as the trade and the final consumer - Each tailored to their needs, the whole supplychain.

Making the consumers DREAMS reality...

Osteospermum Sunny®
Hello sunshine!
Added to our range is the cheerful SUNNY®! Osteospermum SUNNY® has developed into one of the most popular plants in Europe and the US.

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Beekenkamp Breeding
Korte Kruisweg 163,
2676 BS, Maasdijk
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 174 - 526 100

Founder of the Beekenkamp Group has passed away

Maasdijk - Govert Beekenkamp, founder of Plantenkwekerij Beekenkamp (Beekenkamp Plant Nursery) and the Beekenkamp Group in Maasdijk, the Netherlands, passed away on February 8, 2017 at the age of 88. The horticulture branch has lost an entrepreneur in heart and soul, as well as a pioneer in vegetable and ornamental plant production. The Beekenkamp Group has lost a great inspirer, who was still actively involved in the daily developments of the family business.

Born in 1928, Govert Beekenkamp started his horticultural career at the Tuindersweg in Maasdijk in 1951, on approximately 1.5 hectares of land which held two graperies. A few years later, he applied himself to the cultivation of young plants, which was the start of Plantenkwekerij Beekenkamp. His vision on innovation, his tireless devotion, and his dedication to the business resulted in the development of a remarkable, successful company.

At the age of 67, Govert Beekenkamp stopped his active role in the company, allowing him the opportunity to enjoy many years of retirement with his wife. At the end of the year 2000 he passed the running of the business to his daughters An and Margriet. An and her brother-in-law Peter Persoon now manage the Beekenkamp Group with passion and determination.

Beekenkamp Groep employees will always remember Govert Beekenkamp as a true entrepreneur.

Beekenkamp Plants B.V. has concluded the acquisition of the activities from Sunny Holland B.V.

MAASDIJK – Since 1985 the Danish company Sunny Grønnegyden ApS is a successful breeder and market leader in Osteospermum. Since 2006, the starting material has been sold by Wout Meskers from Sunny Holland B.V. Sunny Holland B.V. has decided to carry over its activities to Beekenkamp Plants B.V. and from July 1st 2017, Beekenkamp Plants B.V.  shall fully take over Sunny Holland B.V.’s activities. Beekenkamp Plants B.V. shall be marketing the whole supply chain of the Sunny® Osteospermum.

Sunny Grønnegyden ApS’s subsidiary Gartneriet 3Kanten A/S will maintain to produce their quality cuttings from Vietnam and continue to root and sell the cuttings. Beekenkamp Plants will start a trial production in Ethiopia and will also be using the coming years the outstanding quality cuttings from Gartneriet 3Kanten A/S from Vietnam.  

Breeder of the Sunny® Osteospermum, Bjarne Nyholm Larsen, is very pleased with the cooperation: “Sunny® is market leader and we would like to maintain this. A family owned company like Beekenkamp Plants B.V. is the perfect match. Wout Meskers has done an exceptional job for us and we feel very privileged that he will be on standby to give us advice.”

An Beekenkamp, CEO of Beekenkamp Plants B.V.: “The cooperation with Sunny Grønnegyden ApS aligns very well with our ambition to deliver high-quality starting material. We have every intention to maintain the same quality and service to all clients as they are used to for years by Sunny Holland B.V.”

Six hectares of modern, new greenhouses all set for Beekenkamp!

MAASDIJK - After 32 weeks, the moment is finally there: the first plants are potted and placed in the new building of Beekenkamp. 6 hectare of modern, new greenhouses are ready for the propagation of vegetable crops, all according to the highest hygiene protocols, such as GSPP.

After the first foundation was laid on the 23rd of March, the construction of the new location in 's-Gravenzande began. After an intensive  preparation period, it was a big challenge to have everything ready on time.

The new greenhouses are equipped with concrete floors, 6,000 lux assimilation lighting and insect screens. The new building is equipped with OptiClear Diamond for complete decontamination and disposal of pesticide residues. Herewith Beekenkamp meets the emission requirements for 2018 and the increasing quality requirements of customers.

In late August, the construction of the office building started. The ground floor is already done and the top floor will be delivered before Christmas.

Beekenkamps’ new production facility is taking shape

MAASDIJK – Since last Wednesday 10 red letters are showing off on the facade of the new facility: The Beekenkamp logo is a fact! Every day we are a step closer to the final result: 6 hectares of modern greenhouses and associated buildings.

Everything is still going according to schedule. Last Friday the pouring of the concrete has started in the high- and low tide floors. After that, 1 ha. will be poured weekly after which the spraying of the greenhouse and the mounting of the insect screens can begin and various installations can be completed.

In the water area there is still a lot of digging going on for the construction of several pipelines.  Hereafter the installation of the water silos, irrigation units and UV disinfectors can be done. In the boiler house the construction of the manifolds has started.  The heat storage tank rises ring by ring and the welding of the heating pipes in the greenhouse is making a lot of progress. Furthermore, the roof of the hall is now closed off, the insect screen is already mounted in the ventilation and the placement of the inner and outer walls will be done soon. By the end of this week, the concrete floor will be poured for the office floors.

We will keep you updated! Click here to check out the progress of our new buildingsite.

2016-2017 Catalogue now also available in digital format

MAASDIJK - The latest main catalog by Beekenkamp Plants is already several weeks available as hard copy. New is that the entire document is now also available as a digital download.

The latest version of our main catalog is clearly divided into six chapters, which can be downloaded individually in PDF format. The files are not too heavy, so downloading them is never lasting too long. Take a look now!

Flower Trials 2016 - Beekenkamp Plants B.V.

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FlowerTrials 2016

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